The illusion of significance along with the promise of reward is what has driven the actions of mankind for generations – daily fighting our own uphill battles. However, we live in fortunate era which allows for hindsight and existential analysis. We can look back at almost every day of our lives for many years now and see exactly what we’ve accomplished, what we haven’t and how (in)significant we are.

At first glance these works appear to contain obvious elements referring to a narrative or specific event of consequence, but after further consideration this facade dissolves. The elements of the pieces relate only in a physical sense – figures crawl over a structure, or words are concealed by it, but the individual elements themselves have no inherent relationship to each other.

The large grey form alludes to an indefinable, but tangible “human experience,” while the smaller, active figures exist as cursory and faceless humanoids engaged in meaningless struggle. These two elements are overseen by a nonsense statement taken from the real experiences of men, women and children. These parts of the whole form an Absurd anecdote, acknowledging the futility of human struggle alongside its intrinsic beauty.