Tyler Zeleny
In the Post-Pantheon, I am intending to portray common societal behavior as outstanding and egregious events. These moments display the impacts of our larger social relationships.

The tenets of my work give preference to qualities favored by group-level natural selection (as described by Edward O. Wilson) - concern for others, social awareness, future awareness, division of labor.

This ethic is portrayed as victim to the dramatic, aggressive behavior that often appears as the dominant element in each piece. The individuals who are manipulating or overbearing those within a group seem to be in control, in power and in comfort.

The proposed characters in these drawings utilize aggrandized behavior to describe their relationships to one another and their role within the contained event. These characters are offshoots of my original roles – the worker, hero, celebrity and consumer – but retain very little of their visual specificity. By removing the cues for individual character types, I am allowing this behavior to explain the qualities of each figure within the piece – qualities such as self-adoration, deviousness, and helplessness.
These characteristics are attributed to non-specific individuals at a given moment; they are no longer assigned to a larger social group, especially not as exclusive traits. Violence, manipulation, pain, desire, these are things expressed by those who make up a group, not the mask that defines a group.